Reteco Services.


Sale of Sea Containers
New and used.


Sea Containers Transformation
for events, exhibitions, fairs.


Deposit of Sea Containers.
Maintenance and Reparation

Welcome to Reteco.

RETECO is a company dedicated to marketing, repair, processing, storage and maintenance of sea containers.

We have a long experience of over 40 years in the industry, providing repair and maintenance services to major container shipping companies and trucking companies.

In our facilities located in the city of Getafe, Madrid province, we have 20,000 m2 for storage of containers, equipped with mechanical and computer resources needed for management. We also offer a repair facility and processing, in which we can adapt any container to the most demanding needs of our customers.





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Depot: (+34) 916 846 233
Oficce: (+34) 917 972 696
Mobile: (+34) 616 41 39 20
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